Also known as PB.A surf town where most locals are mellow and hate tourists who try to act local(mostly zonies). PB is often looked down on by snobby La Jolla kids so PB kids steal from them and beat them up.How ever La Jolla chicks are all hot, so we make exceptions.
Person:Pacific Beach is the best place ever, it has everything from surf to sluts.
by Yourpseudonym765567 February 13, 2012
Top Definition
also known as PB, a total brodeo.
Pacific Beach is similar to any place you'd go to pick up skanks slipping in their own vomit while giving head, see lifted trucks or get beaten up by guys with old english tattoos and iron cross belts.
by Paris So Blonde September 03, 2007
A San Diego beach neighborhood over-ran by individuals from New Jearsey and Boston.
PB local: Hey man, do you want to go surf Pacific Beach?
East Coast Transplant: No, I have to park the cah and watch the Patriots game.
by North PBecian February 05, 2011

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