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A 4-year, Christian affiliated, "public" high school located in Pace, Florida. Perhaps most notable for the lack of high quality education and the numerous (99% of the student body) Christian/Conservative extremists. Apparentley 2+2 = football, and that is about the extent of the math program. Most of the Pace community apparentley wants to make PHS a private Christian school so they can talk to their imaginary friends in peace.
Student 1: "So I hear you go to Pace High School."

(Christian) Student 2: "Yep."

Student 1: "I bet you watch Glenn Beck."

(Christian) Student 2: "That's my favorite show ever!!"

Student 1: "Are you a Christian?"

(Christian) Student 2: "Duh."

Student 1: "Why do you try to shove your beliefs done my throat? I mean this is (supposed to be) a secular school after all."

(Christian) Student 2: "STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!!!"
by Don_Escapade0014 February 03, 2010