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a boy, not a man, who will break your heart, but not before he breaks your arm...charming, intense, chaotic, lovable, hateful, but most of all ANGRY. he'll have the girl of his dreams wrapped around his little finger, and waste her all away. a short man, usually big nosed and sarcastic, beautiful at certain angles, but looks like Guy Fawkes from straight on. A good person, but a confused person. Breaks hearts, along with the heart that loved him most, and will never find that love again.
"Girl, stay away from him, he's a Pablo!"

"He totally flipped out and threw a Pablo."

"Only a Pablo would make himself a victim like that"
by JCM77 December 09, 2009
72 91
1.Good looking guy with a golden tan.

2.Likes to flirt with girls.

3.Makes girls fall for him very easy.

4.Preppy but likes to dress defferent every other day.

5.Gives awesome hugs :]

6.Is damn good in bed. Mmmmmm he did things that know one else would do to me ;]

7.Very good kisser! Does this little trick with his tongue, omg feels so damn good when he does it on my neck!

8.And has a nice shaved penis that is even golden tan its self *I think he tans naked too* ;]

9.p.s has a nice butt i just wanna grasp!
Girl #1 "Man oh man there goes Pablo"

Girl #2 "He has such a cutie"

Girl #1 "And he has a nice butt, just wanna sqeeze that tight lil tush"

Girl #2 "I want him to be my pool boy so bad"

Girl #1 "You dont even have a pool"

Girl #2 "I know ;]"

Both girls *giggle*
by Britlovesya April 27, 2009
841 329
This is the best name for a person
if you are named this you will be

one of the coolest kids ever!
PABLO will have many friends!
And hopefully he will be really BAMF
(bad ass mother fucker)
Yo pablo is mad BAMF dog!
by HEYMAN21 May 14, 2009
379 197
The king of Cocaine!! The man that was responsible for 80% of cocaine brought to of the U.S. in the early 70's and 80's. Some say he had hundreds of millions of $'s buried in his yard in Columbia. Every cocke dealer in the worlds idol.A true motherfuckin gagster that would kill his own brother.
Pablo is here every one get down,or lay down.
by Siderz May 23, 2006
393 278
Pablo is a very nice person! He is very nice looking and has a very good sense of humour!
Pablo is a very nice person! He is very nice looking and has a very good sense of humour!
by r.kobrik February 05, 2010
279 165
Pablo is a person who enjoys pie, but only from girls. He enjoys cream pie, for it is the kinkiest of all pies. Pablo is a person who can pick you up if your down. He loves stickers :D Pablo also loves <33s and being a lame uber rad dork ;]
You'll never be as cool as Pablo ;]
by kayla_khaotic April 10, 2008
373 261
An awesome mini-mexican that is super cute and always has spaz attacks!
OMGOSH, look it's Pablo, I could just swallow him whole he's so cute!
by CeceliaKM February 15, 2009
170 115
A pot-smoking cool dude who always knows the best tunes and knows about the best movies. He will party with you like no other and will always be there for you like no other. People often misunderstand Pablos, but with a Pablo you can go on a crazy adventure or have the most awesome passionate conversations full of fun facts.
A Pablo can and will become good at anything he wants.
Man I could use a Pablo right now.
A Pablo would know what to do!
by WPDani June 26, 2011
122 71