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A US Army soldier/airmen/ Marine/Sailor who goes out and buys all the latest after market non-issue military gear from the PX (post exchange). This equipment includes leg holsters for pistols, radio pouches, CamelBak backpacks survival knives etc. They may also order online from a military surplus website like US Cavalry, Ranger Joe or Brigade Quartermaster. The PX Soldier will usually buy this gear for a upcoming deployment but is usually seen wearing it for training exercises. The PX soldier is inspired by seeing special forces members on the news, in the movies or a television show. Most people who have deployed are a little bit guilty of buying some kind of non-issue military equipment for a deployment but the PX Soldier overdoes it. They hope to be mistaken for a special forces operator. Ironically the main culprits will be those not in combat arms or have jobs where they never have to go outside the wire on convoys or combat missions.
Soldier 1 "See that guy over there is he in Recon or a SEAL?"

Soldier 2 "Hell no. He's a cook that's a PX soldier
by The people's Sgt September 08, 2013

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