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playing with my boner
Mike: yo savage where are u going?
Savage: im gonna PWMB, dont come in my room rawfull
by KAAAMEEESISSS LOL March 19, 2008
Power Wash My Balls

A quite rare phrase, successful when it comes to bypassing censorship on forums.
"SOE can PWMB"
"Dude, PWMB"
"lol just had to add that, please ignore"
"Yesterday I PWMB because they were dirty tbh"
by MoZilla November 06, 2006
Pussy Whipped Mommas Boy - aka "the nice guy"
This Guy: "I asked this girl out, she said yes, later on that night I asked to kiss her and she said no"
That Guy: "Your a PWMB"
by Stokeski February 22, 2014
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