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A term used in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, to describe a player who isn't necessarily very good in PVE, but rather spends all of his time PVE:ing, usually Raids, 10 or 25-man.

This type of player usually has a very sharp and clear hate against PVP and PVP Heroes, mainly because he's absolutely worthless in PVP. The typical argument is that "pvp heroes can't pve".

A simple summary is a player who deliberately blocks out 50% of the game because he's incapable of the other half.

There are shit loads of PVP Heroes and PVE Heroes. Neither is quite impressive. If you are a person who is very good at both and enjoys the game as a whole, you are most likely quite exceptional and a rare case. (The definition of good from either side variates. From a PVP perspective, you need Glad title. From a PVE perspective, you probably need to be top 10 guild on the realm and have near flawless PVE gear.

See PVP Hero for the exact opposite.
A very good example is a PVE hero which only goes PVE and has 0 PVP gear and no arena teams with decent rating and/or no rated bg rating and/or no lifetime kills at all.

Another example is a player doing arenas in PVE gear and is usually carried by it. Such as Legendaries.
by TheGameTheFameTheLame April 08, 2011
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