Puddi ia a drug made from a variety of household chemicals mixed with vanilla pudding. The recipe is not clear, but typically involves some combination of bleach, antifreeze, drano, brake fluid, or any of a variety of common chemicals. The mixture is typically ingested in small amounts, but can also be injected in diluted form without the pudding.
The effects vary based on exact recipe and quantity ingested, but range from extreme lethargy and unresponsiveness to mild hallucinations.
Dear Parents,

As i am sure many of you are aware, this high school has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs.

Recently, a group of students in the 5th grade were found taking an illicit substance known 'on the street; as 'Puddi'.

Puddi, is a Japanese Gelatin dessert, but when mixed with other chemicals and substances can be potentially addictive, even fatal.

We urge you to speak to your child about this drug as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Jenifer Williams

by M.A.P.A. December 06, 2010
Top Definition
On November 30, 4chan was attacked by a popular and unfunny meme called "Giga Puddi". Every post or thread made would have spammed "PUDDI". Surprisingly, this incident made /b/ have a shitstorm of originality and not the usual reposts.

With this other boards on 4chan were flooded with PUDDI, Cheese Pizza and porn.

On December 1st, /b/'s title was "WHY SO PUDDI", and cancer found it's way back to /b/.
by Anonymous165484964 December 02, 2010
What Moot does when he smokes too much crack and plays with his boards.
Moot smoked an 8 ball by himself last night and Puddi'd /b/ up again.
by fuck you moot November 30, 2010
Slick word for a vagina..
Stop pissin meoff u puddi
by Qaiser Khan March 30, 2005
A dangerous hallucinogenic which inspires fits of a surreal experience, After mixing the proper blend of advil, niquil and a touch of vicodyn, Puddi has a similar effect to mushrooms, to which many users replied when questioned, "Feels good man". Overuse of this drug causes the brain to degrade and slowly rot while keeping the user in an comatose state while still being consciously awake while not in control of his or her actions. Puddi is incredibly dangerous and should not be used
Puddi pudding
by hurrrrrrrdurrrrrrrr December 06, 2010
Dubbed after the popular Japanese Dessert, Puddi is an extremely dangerous drug which has recently skyrocketed in popularity amongst teenagers and middle school aged children. It is created by combining a variety of household chemicals, such as Drain-O and Anti-Freeze, with pudding mix. The drug is then either smoked, ingested, or, in some cases, inhaled. Once the Puddi enters the body, it creates a euphoria not too much unlike the feeling caused by similar drugs such ascrack cocaine]. Since it is cheap and easy to make, it can cause a great deal of havoc in low income communities.

Puddi gained it's name from a popular Japanese jellow pudding, it gained the name because of it's liken-hood to the pudding substance during creation. While the overall ingredients vary, basic ingredients for the drug include: Drain Cleaner, Nail polish remover, base Chlorine, Anti-Freeze, and the acid removed from a crushed AA battery. Other ingredients have been said to intensify the doses, but only the inclusion Ammonia has shown any increase in effect from recent studies on the new drug.
That kid took a hit of puddi and now he's dead!
by Dangerouses December 07, 2010
A drug that can be created from mainly household items. Its effects can range from euphoric trips to insane sexual urges. It is also highly addictive and can cause bowl cancer. Its name stems from the fact that 'pudding' is an ingredient.
Man just took some puddi last night and it blew my mind.
by Chuck Iron December 06, 2010
Horrible drug.

Can be snorted, smoked, injected, even contact with the skin will end in serious deformity.

Effects include psychosis, memory loss, and in a overwhelming number of cases, death. Side affects also include: Decreased penis and breast size. Most people have the ability to make Puddi with basic household chemicals.
My friend experimented with Puddi in collage, he was never heard of again.
by herp mcderp. December 06, 2010
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