one who is very hairy downlow. AKA one who has a hairy vagina. and thats gross because no- one likes a hairy vagina. if you find yourself being a PUBISAURUSREX, shave that off. its gross. pretty soon youll become so hairy that your only friends will be dinosaurs because youll look like a caveman. the end.
I heard you banged Pamala, dude.!! HOW WAS SHE.?

Gross, man. She was a Pubisaurusrex.
by yourfaceeee August 01, 2006
Top Definition
When there is so much pube hair that it takes over the persons privates. Also, its hard to see through it all and it attacks you like a dinosaur

Curbstomping Suzy had some much pubic hair that when her partner Seth Green went to give her oral sex, the PUBISAURUSREX came alive and attacked Seth. It resulted in Suzy never finding a partner again.

So shave your area and you won't turn out like Suzy.
by Nicoleeeeeeeee August 01, 2006
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