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Post Traumatic Rejection Disorder: Condition caused by
repeated and humiliating rejection by potential sexual

Symptoms: deep feelings of unattractiveness, fears it may be
a terminal condition; and tendency toward self-abuse.
I'm really worried about him. He was shot down three times this week and is showing signs of severe PTRD.
by I.M.Salmon January 08, 2011
"Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder" - Disorder caused by an emotionally dysfunctional relationship, often resulting in failure to have a successful relationship afterwards. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: commitment issues, lack of stability, sketchiness, constant fear of making mistakes, fear of upsetting significant other, becoming emotionally distant immediately after coming on strong, etc.
Cody just got out of a 6 year relationship. Obviously he still has PTRD. I'm going to have to break it off with him.
by Groomsy October 09, 2014