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A promising handheld manufactured by Sony which has fallen relatively short of expectations, due to numerous fundamental flaws and a lacklustre games catalogue. Beyond the slick, glossy look and expansive but half-baked media capabilities, lies a surface which attracts finger oils like an oxy pad and demands more care than a mentally-deficient infant, poor memory options with the outrageously expensive 'memory duo stick', a piss-poor battery life, which despite being dependent on how graphically intensive a game is, is still unacceptably low, and a software catalogue which comprises of a plethora of ports and rehashes.

Regardless, it has phenomenal technical capabilities and better titles are further down the line, such as Exit.

One of its trademark symbols is reflective of its functions, which include pictures, movies, music and most importantly, games. In addition, it has its own web browser and frequent firmware updates add various new features, such as support for different file formats.
Open-minded gamer: It's difficult for me to say a whole lot of positive things about the PSP at this moment in time, but eventually Sony will iron out these first-generation flaws and we'll see a better range of games.
by Reju January 03, 2006
A $250 piece of plastic that was never intended to play games. It has a faulty square button that sticks into the system and lots and lots of dead-pixels. You have to have at least 10% dead-pixels in order to return it and get your money back. It has a short battery-life and you have to pay $25 more just to watch a DVD on it that you already own. Adored by Sony Fan-gender-non-specific-people because it has overly bright graphics and can do fifty-million things that don't really matter that your computer already does for you better and without having to be charged regularly. 100 times less fun than a PS1, PS2, or DS.
Boy: Hey, my PSP has tons of dead-pixels!
Retailer: Hmmmm... let's see. Oh, sorry. It has 9% dead-pixels. It has to have at least 10% dead-pixels in order to return it for you money back.

Girl: Hey! My PSP's square button won't come out after I pushed it!
President of Sony: Hey, it's designed to look good, not to play games. If you bought it for playing games, you might as well just get one of those PS1s with the attachable screen.

Man: Ha! This PSP RULES! Let me pop in Ape Escape! Hey! Why is this not as fun anymore? Oh yeah! That's because there's no frickin' analog sticks!

Woman: Wow... ports of games with worse graphics.... Fun....
Hermaphrodite: I'm so glad I got a DS! With my savings, I bought 3 more games! TAKE THAT, BEE-YOTCH!!!
by GenericGina September 21, 2005
Playstation Portable, Sony's handheld gaming device.
PSP is outselling the Nintendo DS in preorders alone.
by Xiao March 21, 2005
As someone who actually owns a PSP I will tell you that it rocks. The DS doesn't even hold a candle to the PSP. I can't speak about other peoples problems, but it lasts for six hours, there is no problem with disks popping out, and the graphics are closer to ps2 than psone. Anyone debating which handheld to buy should decide whether the want a gimmicky toy, or a full on portable entertainment center.
"I just got my new PSP and it totally pwns the DS"
by Josh March 29, 2005
The only way that Sony could compensate for that POS hardware that is known as the PS2 so they used its innards to make a good portable device and now dumbass consumers will flock to it only to buy inferior PS2 ports, which Is still not as bad as playing pseudo-interactive N64 ports on the DS
People will buy the PSP because Sony has Consumers latched at the nuts
by Camp Si 71 April 07, 2005
Sony's attempt at the handheld market, previously dominated by Nintendo's many different cloned variations of the Gameboy and its new gimicky gameboy with a touchscreen known as the Nintendo DS.

There is a fanboyism surrounding Nintendo's effect on the handheld market that has many people discriminating against the PSP. To be frank, the DS and the PSP CAN co-exist in peace as long as the masses understand this:
DS Users are like Pimps.
PSP Users are like badasses.

Where the DS is a handheld being held down by it's predominantly childish manufacturers, the PSP is a handheld for adult gamers. We're growing up, and unless Mario starts hitting stuff with a blunt object, we're moving on.
The PSP is better than it looks.
by Jay C March 24, 2005
A fun but overrated system by Sony.

DS beats it because:
Touch Screen

Dual Screen


CAN play mp3s with special device

CAN play movies with special device

Graphics CAN be better than PSP

Easy to play

2 million more sales than PSP

Better battery life.

Ace games.

The only reason DS fans insult PSP is because PSP fanboys insult the DS.
Non-Fanboy Sony Fan:Hey man look i got a PSP!

Nintendo Fan:You should get a DS too man, cos their great!


Nintendo Fan:Erm yeah..because Metroid Prime and Resident Evil and Legend of Zelda are dead frickin kiddish arent they?!...i despise you.
by XavFach July 18, 2005
if you thought HALO 2 was the decline of ameriican civilization, think again.

as of 4/4/05 the psp is about $150. Yeah yeah it holds MP3s but only about 4 of them. you can buy extra memory for twice as much of the PSP itself.
save yourself the trouble kid, get yourself an Xbox.
by halo's_elite April 03, 2005