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Post Potter Shock Disorder. A person with PPSD suffers from psychological shock and numbness to the realization that Harry Potter is truly over. Symptoms of PPSD may include:

-Drawing a lightning bolt on one's forehead or, in more extreme cases, self-inflicting an actual scar

-Re-reading the entire series in the hope that an eighth book will magically appear, then crying when it isn't there.

-Watching all 8 movies in one day

-Staying in the theater long after the credits for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two roll, staring at the screen with a zombie-like expression.

-Constantly quoting the books and/or movies, and shouting spells during moments of need

-Calling up other Potter-heads and discussing their inability to believe that it is over

-Feeling as if their best friend who grew up with them has died

-Planning Harry Potter related events

-Having a strong urge to recreate the movies, film parodies, or write a sequel series.
See that kid over there writhing on the floor crying and hugging a Harry Potter book? Yeah man, he totally has PPSD: Post Potter Shock Disorder.
by PotterFan12 July 17, 2011