Public Piss Syndrome. Describes the inability some people have to urinate in public bathrooms when other people are around.
It took Dave ten minutes to go piss...the fucker has P.P.S. real bad.
by Mister Man the Guy September 22, 2004
Post-postscript, comes after the postscript.
... letter ...

PS I love you.
PPS We should meet tomorrow.
by Elleh April 24, 2007
Public Piss Syndrome

When you have PPS you are prone to losing your desire to urinate when someone else is in the room. Often someone being in the stall next to you creates this problem. Urinals will become your worst enemy when you are affected by PPS, as large urges to urinate can be abolished even by the opening of the bathroom door.
Friend 1: Good dammit hurry up, we are going to miss the bus!
Friend 2: Well dude get out! You know I got PPS!
Friend 1: God Damn PPS....
by Johnny Spectacular February 28, 2005
PPS stands for penetrations per second. This phrase is usually used when having sex. It is very commonly asked to people as a joke or maybe just out of curiosity. it also helps people get to know one another.
R: Hey anna lee whats you pps?
A: Oh its only 70.
R: Oh come on get working on that.
by UNFORGOTEN December 30, 2011
peter pan syndrome
when someone looks younger than their age, and never grows up. like peter pan.
i.e. frankie munez, michael cera, etc.
"there's no way he's 19, he looks like, 12!"
"he must have pps."
by bainana January 27, 2008
Pre Paid Sucker

mostly used for those people who can do anything for money
jews are PPS
by Faash1 May 17, 2010
Post Potter Syndrome (as in Harry Potter)
I've just finished reading the Harry Potter series and I have PPS. Now life is meaningless and there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning. How can one go on knowing nothing I do will amount to the achievements of JK Rowling.
by Charliedelto July 14, 2011

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