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Pussy Play Ground. Also known as college, university, or any institution of higher learning; but mainly a dorm campus situation.
Yo I heard you fucked like 8 girls raw dog in one week at the PPG, keep it up pimpin'.
by Brooklyn Killa June 27, 2006
Power Puff Girls. A very successful cartoon made by Cartoon Network on 3 superhero little girls.
Have you seen yesterday's PPG episode?
by Golden_Archon June 25, 2005
The acronym for "Pretty, Pretty Good."
Larry: "I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty, pretty good." PPG
by Rob R. Los Angeles, CA October 14, 2011
Pasty Paunchy and Ginge - A specific type of male counterpart that is paler in skin tone, larger in waistsize, and redder in hair colouring than others.

A specific favourite of 30 something spinsters.
Oh look at Anthony, he's a total PPG! Yum!
by Spinsterz December 27, 2012
If you find yourself above the age of 35, too tan and without a man, you are a PPG (Post Party Girl). A PPG usually works retail within 20 miles of where she spent her white, binge partying adolescence and has graduated to almost-but-not-quite-senior level "sales associate" at (fill in preppy store).
God that saleswoman was such a bitch! PPG applies.
by step44rd January 09, 2011
Perfectly Placed Grenade. When playing Halo 3, throw a grenade (bouncing it off a corner or long distance) which lands perfectly at an enemies feet, killing them instantly or injuring them enough to be able to kill them with one shot to the head.
by Chris101b July 20, 2009
In swedish: Panik På Gång, which translates to: panic going on.
"OMFG PPG! The store is just about to close!"
Someone playing a game: "PPG! PPG! I'M DYING!"
by RPOCKS July 29, 2006
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