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Post-Penile-Drip: When peeing at a urinal has finished, the man will then "tuck" himself back into his pants. When the first step away has commenced, an extra amount of pee will drip out. Hopefully this amount is not too much as to show through the man's pants causing much public embarassment. If he is lucky there will only be a temporary damp feeling. The only way to resolve the problem is to "shake" yourself dry or hope they have electric hand dryers.
Girl #1: Hey, you got spots on your pants...
Guy #1: Ahh dammit! I have PPD, I mean I splashed water at the sink...
by Skinman October 17, 2005
(PPD) Post Penile Drip.

When a dude goes out to pick up chicks. He's so anxious when taking a piss, he doesn't shake enough when completed. This results in a wet spot on his jeans in the groin area. It is sometimes hidden by untucking the shirt and stretching it downward. It can sometime go unnoticed by the pisser, which could ruin his night.
He says: Hey babe...how about we go back to my crib and listen to some love songs.

She says: Ewww....is that PPD?
by 1pieceofwork June 30, 2014
Acronym for "Post Potter Depression Syndrome" that occurs after seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Symptoms include a feeling of overwhelming sadness, a feeling that one's childhood has ended, a desire reread the whole series over again, a realization that one must finally find a job, and red, puffy eyes.

PPDS can affect anyone, but those most prone are between ages 16 and 32.

Post Potter Depression Syndrome was first diagnosed on July 15th, 2011. There is no none cure.
Man, after I got home from HP7: Part 2, I was hit hard with PPDS. I like, have to find a job now.
by grobend July 22, 2011
Post Pattaya Depression Syndrome. A depressive state one receives when faced with a return to the suppressive western society after enjoying the company and intimacy of beautiful Thai women from Pattaya city.
"oh man , I've got PPDS bad !"

"dude you'll have to book your next flight a.s.a.p. "
by mgtow666 December 01, 2013
Professional Pole Dancer- If you or someone you know knows a chick at school or work that seems like a real slut, shes a PPD
"I would go out with her, but she seems like a real ppd"
by Foxzilla November 22, 2009
A type of party drink involving Sunkist, Everclear or Vodka, and Grape Kool-Aid. It stands for Purple Pantie Droppers.
Hell yeah she was drinking ppd!
by kingboone October 13, 2010
Post Penial Drip- when you sit down to pee and you stand up thinking your done, but more pee comes out and you urinate in your boxers
the other day I was squating and I thought I stopped peeing, then I got up and had serious PPD
by alexander graham bell April 23, 2005