female student, residing in a Belgian student city (Leuven). Originally it referred to a girl's breasts (the "porren"), but this has evolved.
-"Amai gast wa een hete POR loopt daar rond".
-"wow dude, check out that chick over there"
by DeSvekke June 11, 2004
Top Definition
puff of relief
originated in Athens, Greece 2010
i need some POR .. yeahj
by kirk420 January 03, 2011
Plan of Rampage

A pre-constructed list, written with primarily the left hand, describing activities and goals one would like to achieve in the near future.
P.O.R. for Sandy's Eighteenth


Skinny Dip*

Strip Club*

* Drink
by likabigshott July 07, 2009

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