Pissed off police officer
here comes the P.O.P.O
by looker December 01, 2003
a dance like the salsa but it is preformed in africa with black people.this is the most popular dance in africa. it is a fun celebration
oh my god i just saw popo preformed in africa during my vacation to help them get water
by tony diterrilzi April 28, 2008
Look like a mister police man!!!
yo man look for that muthafucka popo!!!
by Victor daniel April 09, 2004
i freagging police man
dude put out your blunt a popo is coming
by Hugh G. Rection June 20, 2003
A sly and dangerous math teacher. Particularly one who eats many donuts, and lurks in the shadows at dances.
"That PoPo just ate my last donut, hes soo dangerous!"
by popo's on the tail April 01, 2009
a police officer in action
"watch out for the popo"
by aggie4life December 21, 2004
Also a euphamism for ... well ... erm, a ladie's lower private area
I was up to my popo in the river fishing.
by Katie Didn't May 22, 2005

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