To kick or ban one/many peoples from the party, skype call, ect.
Adam was being very loud and freaky, so Aaron Popo'd him.
#lewis #kick #ban #loud #stupid
by Aaron~ January 01, 2013
insainly huge ass or large boobs
DANNNNNNG GIRRL! look at that popoes of yours, you've really been eating your corn bread!!
#po poes #butt #boobs #booty #cha-cha's
POPO (Pronounced POP-OH) The brand name for a delicious organic popcorn.
POPO (POP-OH) is a delicious all organic popcorn popcorn, organic popcorn
#popcorn #organic popcorn #popo #pop-oh
by FinestPlanet August 05, 2013
cops, pigs, po 9s, the fuzz, beaver 5-0, police, oikers
oh shit yo, it's po po fo serio!!

book it!! ids da po 9
by Bersky May 05, 2005
A police man, same as cop
Woah that popo is naked
#popo #popoo #cop #policeman #popos
by K5mack September 04, 2012
The name of the mascot of Clean Popo. A Hoboken based cleaning service.
Did you know Popo was the name of a fictional Hippopotamus character in the book Popo the Hippo published in the 1930's?
#popo #hippo #hippopotamus #clean popo #po po
by Nick Vilkom March 01, 2013
In Pomona it conveniently can abbreviate "Pomona Police". The po po can usually be seen driving by the street outside my bedroom window every night in groups of ten or fifteen. Often they are accompanied by a ghetto bird.
My Girl:There goes the Po Po again.
Me: I'm just glad they are so busy they don't bother pulling me over for speeding.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
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