Another word for police
Lest hurry up the Po Poes are coming!
by Notknown September 08, 2007
In Chinese, "popo" means grandmother.
I went to popo's house to help her bake cookies.
by BovineOne September 08, 2006
Po po are the police, originally may have started in Jamaica. Used often in urban communities, especially those with strong Caribbean influences.
Hey the po po are coming up behind are car so you better slow the hell down.
by urbansireditor December 21, 2010
Ghetto language for Police. Often used a lot by Franklin in GTA5 or general black gangbangers warning there fellow dope heads in crack houses.
Niggah hide the dope fool and grab that piece we got po po on our black asses fool!
by TodderzZz January 09, 2015
To kick or ban one/many peoples from the party, skype call, ect.
Adam was being very loud and freaky, so Aaron Popo'd him.
by Aaron~ January 01, 2013
The cool way to refer to the police. When you're cocked off your ass in the car driving 40 mph over the speed limit with a 20g bag past curfew with a broken taillight, and someone says "hey look guise its the popo" suddenly the situation no longer seems dangerous and the posibility of getting pulled over becomes non-eixistent.

Dan: FUCK!

Bob: hahahah the po po.. hahahhaha
Dan: hahhahhhah hey dude let's race that mustang!!
by trallalalala January 18, 2012
POPO (Pronounced POP-OH) The brand name for a delicious organic popcorn.
POPO (POP-OH) is a delicious all organic popcorn popcorn, organic popcorn
by FinestPlanet August 05, 2013

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