Another Word 4 Da Police
Da Po Po R Comiin
Wag1 Po Po
Fuck, Jerry Got Banged Up By Da Po Po
by Peng Gal November 06, 2007
The slang word for police.
Oh no man drop the crack and run the Po po's are coming
by Ello im a brittish male May 27, 2009
The police. You usually say this when running from the police.
Oh shit! The po pos are after me!
by iAculate May 26, 2009
Quite simply, PO-lice.
CAUTION may be seen as derogatory.
Mom: OMFG some one just broke into our house!!
Kid: Quick! ring the po po!
by cali-qurl October 20, 2010
In Chinese, "popo" means grandmother.
I went to popo's house to help her bake cookies.
by BovineOne September 08, 2006
Specifically, the Portland, Oregon police. Now, has expanded to include police from all areas.
I had to leave the scene before Po Po arrived.
by Bob Dookie January 06, 2005
The word in which people say based on police, Popo is slang talk for most people.
"Hey homie the popo popped that dude last night!"
via giphy
by! November 06, 2015

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