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Hide the alcohol! The Po Po is comin'!
by vuhjung May 19, 2003
Another way for police usually used in the hood.
Shit nigga it's da Po Po's
by Tyler Spillane August 13, 2005
n. The police
"Yo man, keep an eye out for the po po while I roll up this Blunt..."
by CrazyAl June 09, 2004
Originally the slang for police in Portland, Oregon.
Fuck, the po po's are up in this bitch just cause' we skatin.
by Mirjami. October 03, 2009
quick way to say police so that when you're drunk, u can get the point across fast and split.
MoCo Po po = montgomery county police
by mayo January 16, 2004
"man those's po-po's were on my ass"
by kandy October 15, 2003
Another Word 4 Da Police
Da Po Po R Comiin
Wag1 Po Po
Fuck, Jerry Got Banged Up By Da Po Po
by Peng Gal November 06, 2007