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fucking cops
run nigga!, its the po po!
by jami October 18, 2003
339 112
police, 5-0, cops, fuzz, flat feet, pig.
fuck yo, drop it and run, the po-po's on your tail.
by Iggy the great November 14, 2003
409 221
the slang way of saying police
Don't you call the popo on me!
by None Of Ur Beeswax January 02, 2007
369 199
Slang for the police.
Girl 1- If you don't stop ill call the police!!
Madea- I don't care! Call the po po, ho! -Diary of a mad black woman
by I aint sayin she a gold digger... December 03, 2005
240 96
A policeman. Usually used as an insult, or as a joke.
Hello popo, I crash my car!
by maxwell k May 15, 2005
449 305
Last night I had to deal with the Po Po.
by Lee October 30, 2003
134 46
if you hear somebody say the po-po's comin, you need to get ya azz out!! the talkin bout the police,foo
Yo, the po-po's coming!!!
by Brittany-ghetto princess September 16, 2003
267 179