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A Hawaiian apertiser usually raw seafood.
Brah you like one small kine popo.
by James Clements January 27, 2005
9 62
Little is known about the popo other than it is a heavenly creature of unearthly origin who is virtually unbeatable at most competitive pursuits... excelling particularly at backgammon, yoshi, dr mario and fill-it-ins. Additionally, Popo is always spelt as Popo(4) not Po po(22).
Popo loves Momo for ever
by Bubbles January 05, 2005
15 69
Abbreviation: Poughkeepsie Police
Oh shit, the po-po's rollin' up.
by Dave April 24, 2005
127 192
Police. Good name to call them because they don't know what it means!!
'hey, what up, Po-Po'
by Felixxxx September 17, 2005
22 104