A term, actually created by police officers, that stood for "Pissing off a Police Officer". How it came into modern day use is beyond me.
-Suspect spits on officers boot-
Officer: You honestly don't want to commit Po-Po today. Not today.
Suspect: Fuck you pig.
-Officer extends ASP baton and whacks suspect in the calf-
by Sazanku February 07, 2007
Portland Police. It started here in Portland, Oregon. Not LA, not some movie, but Portland.
Run quickly, 'cause here comes the Po-Po.
by ConsTITution4ProsTITution December 03, 2007
A Hawaiian apertiser usually raw seafood.
Brah you like one small kine popo.
by James Clements January 27, 2005
Little is known about the popo other than it is a heavenly creature of unearthly origin who is virtually unbeatable at most competitive pursuits... excelling particularly at backgammon, yoshi, dr mario and fill-it-ins. Additionally, Popo is always spelt as Popo(4) not Po po(22).
Popo loves Momo for ever
by Bubbles January 05, 2005
Police. Good name to call them because they don't know what it means!!
'hey, what up, Po-Po'
by Felixxxx September 17, 2005
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