a term by black people refering to the police
Watch out dog, here comes the po-po
by daveybaby March 16, 2006
It is an old word used to discribe the texture of a substance used in group or individual smoking. But, popo isn't bad because it's just an adjective of the real substance used for the ritual rather than being the substance.
The pipe is yours to set the popo on fire so it will smoke. Draw the smoke from the popo into yuorself. You will feel changed and must return to yourself. Popo is just a texture of something. That is Gooey! like lava...
by Alawishyous December 20, 2005
Name used to describe anyone who would drive an ATV of the brand name Polaris (which is a mistake in itself)
See that popo coming up the hill it's as fast as cold molasses
by KawiDan May 02, 2006
the police department
"The Po-Po caught Tony O'ing their car."
by GoChicago February 04, 2006
The five- 0..aka. the COPS
Holy SHARN here come the Po-Po's
by KSchizzle * NCazazzle February 10, 2003
P.O.P.O. actually stands for "pissed off police officer."
aww crap... that po-po's got his taser out.
by flyguy33 February 24, 2005
the mfk'n pigs, man
The po-pos be on thirst mode.

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