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a term by black people refering to the police
Watch out dog, here comes the po-po
by daveybaby March 16, 2006
the police department
"The Po-Po caught Tony O'ing their car."
by GoChicago February 04, 2006
The five- 0..aka. the COPS
Holy SHARN here come the Po-Po's
by KSchizzle * NCazazzle February 10, 2003
P.O.P.O. actually stands for "pissed off police officer."
aww crap... that po-po's got his taser out.
by flyguy33 February 24, 2005
the mfk'n pigs, man
The po-pos be on thirst mode.
A term, actually created by police officers, that stood for "Pissing off a Police Officer". How it came into modern day use is beyond me.
-Suspect spits on officers boot-
Officer: You honestly don't want to commit Po-Po today. Not today.
Suspect: Fuck you pig.
-Officer extends ASP baton and whacks suspect in the calf-
by Sazanku February 07, 2007
Portland Police. It started here in Portland, Oregon. Not LA, not some movie, but Portland.
Run quickly, 'cause here comes the Po-Po.
by ConsTITution4ProsTITution December 03, 2007