it's like a director's cue to get in your car and speed away... or go faster if you're already in a car
by NSXchic February 19, 2003
Po-Po stands for police. Originated in Portland, Oregon for the Portland Police.
Guy 1: "Man you hear about Greg?"

Guy 2: "Nah man what happened?"

Guy 1: "The Po-Po caught him stealing."

Guy 2: "Man, The Po-Po know everything."
by Andrew, T August 19, 2007
popo- 1970s north-wales word for a cut, graze, bruise, spot, or scab. Usually found on the knees of children under the age of 12.
child "Boo hoo, I've got a popo", mummy: "there there, here is some savlon"
by Bis December 27, 2004
i thought my sis just made up the word...

her def. is police men (usually ones who have nothing better to do so they pull u over for no reason at all)
hey look! its the granville PoPo!
by saritasmile08 July 19, 2004
In spanish and other languages, it means booty, butt, or ass. Most teenagers in the United States use po-po as the abreviation or slang for police.
Brittany and Julia are the po-po officers! They are popo heads, too!
by VforVagina January 08, 2006
A slang term for a "unit". This is used by famous celebrities such as Arnold Scharzeneggar on Conan O'Brien. He tells a story about how he took steroids to shrink his popo because it was to large! For more info on this please see unit.
"My Popo is so large that i used it to clean my chimney!!!"
by A Kid July 10, 2005
a term by black people refering to the police
Watch out dog, here comes the po-po
by daveybaby March 16, 2006

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