Also a euphamism for ... well ... erm, a ladie's lower private area
I was up to my popo in the river fishing.
by Katie Didn't May 22, 2005
A word commonly used today to refer to the police.

It originated in a few ways. The one I know is that Tupac used punk-police in a few of his songs, and people mistook it as Popo.

"Runnin' from all these punk police..." -Tupac

He says it fast and it sounded like popo.
"Somebody called the Popo?!"
by Fayiz January 28, 2006
a bitchy mean butt bitch
Ms. Pope, yes. Popo is the crazy panty lined dance teacher. EVIL I SAY.
by GUAP May 14, 2008
slang for police officer / band from Philadelphia that is totally awesome
"You are all under arrest" said the PoPos.
by snapdragon875 June 18, 2006
A mother's juvenille term for "Vagina"
I strongly dislike popo
by LCH22 September 03, 2007
in Spanish slang means poo.

"andate a comer popo"- "Go eat poo"
by E GARCIA June 03, 2007
A word describing government officials whose intention it is to arrest you for possession of marijuana.
Eric: Wanna pack a bowl?

Josh: Nah man, this park is full of Po-Pos.

Po-Po: (aggressively) Wheres the weed at?! HUH?! IS IT SOME GOOD SHIT BOYS?! (searches pockets)
by clln October 13, 2008

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