Portmanteau of the words "poser" (Brit, Austral & NZ informal a person who likes to be seen in trendy clothes in fashionable places) and "homo" (Used as a disparaging term for a gay man or lesbian.)
The pomo is characterized by the propensity to proclaim oneself as a homosexual for the express purpose of procuring sexual favor from people of the opposite sex. The pomo preys on artistic college females using their trendy, sensitive pomosexual wiles.
Damn it. "Gay Sean" the frigging pomo is tapping Kelly the hot art major's ass once again... FML.
by misterbork June 17, 2009
A porch monkey, a.k.a an african american, hispanic, or poor youth.

One who chills on their porch all day.
Mark: Yo dude, look at that pomo!
Tyler: Yeah, hes been sittin' there all day!
Mark: wow, what a porch monkey
by hahehe May 17, 2010
gay porn or homosexual porn
"that guy is such a fag, i bet he's going to watch some pomo"
by robynlouise05 May 05, 2008
1. Post Modern
2. Post Emo, usually referring to bands like TAKING BACK SUNDAY, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Not to be confused with real Emo (emotive hardcore)
Oh man, that band, the Used, they are so pomo.
by Maya July 08, 2005
post modern: being wierd for the sake of being wierd
this chair is po-mo

Comment submitted with request to delete: The meaning of being "wierd" trying to be extra wierd is
hopelessly vague. It does not suit the original meanings
of this new term that are already well current in loose
modern English. The term as given in disputed usage would
be a hypernym of a word{can't think of one current} such
as "Ultra" in special use in French politics after restor-
ation of Monarchy, early 18th century. It is a little too
hyper, in my opinion.
Truly Yours,
by l January 03, 2004
Abbreviation for postmodernism. Usually hostile.
The journal took a pomo turn round about 1990, but it seems to have recovered since.
by Andy May 07, 2004
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