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Pepsi Max.
We put some FroPo in the OvO with some PoMo no HoMo
by Chikery March 25, 2012
4 12
A term short for Porch Monkey

Porch Monkey
Shut up Anthony, you PoMo!
by ICalvilloI May 13, 2011
18 26
Post-Modern this can be anything as far as descriptors go. I use it to describe being one step ahead of the curb.
Ashley's post modern subtle gothness will catch on but she is my adoness.
by Big-T July 21, 2004
3 13
an aesthetic style characterized by overt (and usually obnoxiously cartoonish) semantic references, deriving from the postmodernist period of architecture and design (the 80's).
Venturi's newest house is far too pomo for my taste
by ryan March 23, 2004
34 50
Noun : A homosexual male who wants to live the fabulous go-go life of apple-tinis and disco balls but doesn't have the job or means to support it.
Hey Brad, next time you get dumpster diving for a boyfriend don't be bringing back no PoMo. That last one you found at Wal-Mart was a mess.
by edpa123 January 19, 2010
17 35
A homosexual of the petite variety.
Matthew Thompson is very much a Pomo!
by 5p January 11, 2011
5 24
Portmanteau of the words "poser" (Brit, Austral & NZ informal a person who likes to be seen in trendy clothes in fashionable places) and "homo" (Used as a disparaging term for a gay man or lesbian.)
The pomo is characterized by the propensity to proclaim oneself as a homosexual for the express purpose of procuring sexual favor from people of the opposite sex. The pomo preys on artistic college females using their trendy, sensitive pomosexual wiles.
Damn it. "Gay Sean" the frigging pomo is tapping Kelly the hot art major's ass once again... FML.
by misterbork June 17, 2009
13 33