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The sound a Pegasus makes when it get's a wing boner.

An onomatopoeia that signifies a wingboner.
Fluttershy is walking in front of Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash stares at her plot. She Pomf's.
by Skyshine Shimmer October 21, 2011
150 193
The sound you make when you fall backwards onto the bed while being a little girl.
by Anonononous February 04, 2011
828 114
An onomatopoeia for a loli falling onto a bed. Originated from the loli doujin, The Light of Tsukimi Manor 2.
Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed?
by Pomfski February 15, 2011
396 79
Poop On My Face- a phrase used to express frustration, sadness or a general upset-ness at the world.
"I heard we have an in-class essay tomorrow that no one prepared for or knew about that counts for 95% of our grade!"

by vballer16 September 20, 2011
18 148
Chat/IM/blog acronym for Peace Out Mother Fuckers.
Well I G2G!
by Kuro Neko March 12, 2006
55 361
abbreviation for "poop on my face".

It started as a phrase said in times of exasperation between two friends in a suburban area of upstate new york. Since then, it has spread like the swine flu. It can be seen sported on t-shirts worn by only the coolest high school students.
Person one: Ughhhhhhhhh I have to study for an AP test. POMF!
Person two: aw man, yes, POYF!
by dontpomf January 02, 2010
57 390