Almost every chick on the game site

You'll never see they're face, but they'll look to get w/ any guys. Always common in any Checkers room, High Stakes Pool, and well..anywhere on that site. They all ugly poho's.

RapMasterG2003 - Common in Pogo High Stakes Pool Cuthroat Beg Room 001. He's a man poho. You can call him rapemaster.

Man Poho: Heyy wanna get a private tbl?
Rare Not Poho girl: No!
Man Poho: (asks the nxt available chick until he finds a poho)
by Jerry Boi December 09, 2006
Top Definition
PoHo is a nickname for a the city of Port Huron, Michigan. The nickname is derived from "POrt" and "HurOn" and shares a resemblance to other metropolitan city nicknames as SOHO, ("south of Houston Street."), NoHo ("north of Houston Street") and TriBeCa ("Triangle Below Canal Street").
Dude 1: Where are you doing this weekend?

Dude 2: I'm seeing some friends around POHO.
by Dude11111 June 02, 2009
n. ponytail holder

Those little cloth covered rubberbands used to tie one's hair in a ponytail. They cost about 2 cents a piece and absolutely unsubstitutable. Not to be confused with a scrunchy.
My hair keeps getting in my face. Do you have a po ho that I can use?
by Webster Papadopolous July 12, 2004
Female who enjoys pursuing and engaging in sexual activities with police officers.

Even if the copy might were bad cloths & shoes when they are off duty, and they hardly call and have a small dick, the thought of them in a uniform will excite them to a point of "I don't careville". "I don't careville" commonly occurs with woman when they see a rock star and even thou he is butt-ass fucking ugly, they will still sleep with them for the glory.
Annie is acting like such a po ho lately by sleeping with 2 cops.
by EzmereldaG September 29, 2006
Derives from the English roots of the words "poser" and "ho".


1. A cliche, wondrous, creature that tries very hard to be unique and badass but ends up looking like a wee lass playing dress up. Awwww! It thinks it's, but sadly, it's comparable to a wounded ferret. Tries so hard to get attention by looking/acting slutty, since there's nothing it can do really because it has a IQ of about...err...generally 6. It usually only has one facial expression that looks like a baby watching bubbles float into a summer sky. It's cocky, rude, and spoiled, but you tend to feel sorry for the poor creature.
imm soo hxc! i mean look at me im ADORAHHBLE! im gonsta punch holes in miii ears cauz im badazz. im soo freakin scene! dot dot curve==<333333

WAIT WAIT WAIT. You sound like a damn poho!
by BITCHHHPLZZ July 19, 2010
Someone that is a poor whore.
Shit that poho should get a job.
by Keith Wolff October 29, 2004
1.)The slang name for Port Huron, Michigan and the surrounding townships. In most cases derogatory, really means the crapitude that is Port Huron. 2.)Also poho a woman or girl who is a ho and lives in the Port Huron area.
St. Clair resident-So where do you live?

Port Huron resident-...PoHo.

St. Clair resident-I'm sorry.
by TheBananaArsonist February 23, 2009
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