1. an acronym standing for "Prisoner of Fat", when a persons genitals are unable to be seen from a natural standing position, due to when one's line of sight is obstructed by their own morbid obesity.

2. an acronym standing for "Prisoner of Foreskin" when a male is uncircumcised.
Wow, i could never sleep with a POF ewwww.

Thanks for not being a POF POF.

OMG what it the guy you liked was a POF, would you dump him???

Wow, look at how fat he is, he must be a POF
by Fred <3's Scott July 25, 2009
Its a term seniors in High School will you in terms for Puking On Freshman. Acronym
There is a foot ball game tonight POF
by jordoh February 25, 2011
Peeing on Floor

When LOL or one of those other acronyms isn't nearly enough to express how silly you feel something is. This acronym goes above and beyond simply laughing out loud.

When spoken it is pronounced "Pawff"
*via textual communication*

Person One: My little sister somehow convinced me to see the Hannah Montana Movie with her.

Person Two: POF!
by muppetmastera April 14, 2009
Fuzzycute; having fuzzycute attributes
Some would say that a bunny is the most pof thing in the world.
by Guy Y. November 13, 2005
someone who is smart, athletic, and has brown hair. usually doesnt fit in very well
Katherine is so damn pof!
by jloumorrojr July 26, 2006
Psycho Operator Friday
Something Gazoo's get abused by much to often. Normally with a kick message containing the acronym "POF" and is normally repeated on automatic channel rejoin on kick.
* Gazoo kicked from #PHP by Shai-Tan (POF)
by Gazoo July 20, 2003
it is what *I* do every Friday.. regardless of whether it is Friday at your timezone or not.. could be POF even on a Tuesday for you :)
/kick #php <insert your nick here> POF!
by EvilDana March 19, 2004
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