Acronym for "President of Fuck." A term used for any human that says or incorporates the word "fuck" into daily conversation. Also can be used for someone who has a lot of sex. Can be either a compliment or insult.

Can also be used as a replacement word for problematic words such as: slut, whore, bitch, etc.
"Lana Del Ray is such a POF."

Guy 1: I fucking went to the fucking store and got fucking juice.
Guy 2: Wow you are such a POF.
Guy 1: What the fuck is that?
Guy 2: President of Fuck
by POFmomma May 15, 2015
Piss Off Factor.
When you do something specifically to make another person angry.
Term is best used when playing Texas Hold 'Em.
I know 7-3 suited are rags, but there's a high POF. Dan won't know what's going on.
by PooFoo'd Diddy March 29, 2009
POFS, acr., n.: piece of faggy shit

Usually a younger, faggish asshole who does something notably uncool.
- "Hey fuck, did you see that?"

- "OMG yeah, that POFS suckerpunched some hawt jailbate, and from behind!"
by pilatusp September 18, 2010
(P)sycho (O)ps (F)riday (S)yndrome. The after effects of a user that has come in to contact with POF. Symptoms include curling up in the fetal position and weeping quietly to yourself while mumbling 'I'll show them, I'll show them all'.
-- You have been kicked from #php by Dana (welcome to #php! Today is POF and this is what you get.. :D)
by Wookiee March 18, 2005
Short for Pofuze, "pof" is a very complex word. Pof can describe your friend, sibling, or cousin, and is used in a variety of ways. The exact definition is "good-for-nothing."
Some guy walked in on me taking a shit at the mall. What a pof.
by dopohead March 14, 2011
An acronym from the words Pool Of Fuckbuddies. Having a P.O.F. means that you can broadcast a single generic booty call message (for example, an SMS) via technological device to many possible fuckbuddy candidates.
Jared sent an SMS to his P.O.F. reading "Hi precious <3 My balls are so full that they hurt, do you happen to know any ailment for that ;)) -J."
by Mr. Beanie September 26, 2009
Pubes Of Fire
Another way of describing someone with red hair.

Eg. Dave H has POF.
by w3rdwigga November 30, 2008

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