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Pubes Of Fire
Another way of describing someone with red hair.

Eg. Dave H has POF.
by w3rdwigga November 30, 2008
POF is an acronym for a website called PlentyofFish. It is a free dating site with absolute no cost whatsoever.
I have met several very nice people, while using POF. It is a good place to start to get to know different people, without the pressure of being in a "one-on-one" environment.
by Panchoman Jr. March 23, 2007
(abbr)Psyco OP Friday
The random abuse of channel operators power each friday. Commonly used the day after POTh
/kick <luser> POF
by Shai-Tan February 10, 2003
Piece Of Fucking Shit
I was owned by a SI today that POFS!!!
by todepyh August 29, 2009
when POS just won't do, such as in the case of Jeff Pauls blazer
fuck, that blazer is such a POFS
by spanky July 10, 2003
Piece Of Fucking Shit - It's very similar to the phrase "piece of shit" with word "fucking" emphasizing the general shittiness of the situation
Life is a POFS.
by Quinnick December 05, 2013
Piss Off Factor.
When you do something specifically to make another person angry.
Term is best used when playing Texas Hold 'Em.
I know 7-3 suited are rags, but there's a high POF. Dan won't know what's going on.
by PooFoo'd Diddy March 29, 2009
(P)sycho (O)ps (F)riday (S)yndrome. The after effects of a user that has come in to contact with POF. Symptoms include curling up in the fetal position and weeping quietly to yourself while mumbling 'I'll show them, I'll show them all'.
-- You have been kicked from #php by Dana (welcome to #php! Today is POF and this is what you get.. :D)
by Wookiee March 18, 2005