The code for picking your nose. PN = Pick Nose
Oooh, Tatiana, I have to PN !
by REMY June 24, 2004
Top Definition
Peace Nigga. Used to say goodbye.
Jamal:Yo, i gotta book.

Tyrone:Aiight. PN
by HoT4bOyz101 December 17, 2009
PN = Perky Nipples/hard nipples
Must be cold out that girl's got PN
by Bob November 09, 2004
PN = Probably not.
PN dude, PN.
by Effed November 07, 2003
abbreviated form of penis
'your pn is so large'
'that can not be his pn!'
by Bo'diddly November 10, 2003
Abbreviation for Private Note
I sent a PN to my girl friend
by Stais September 06, 2005
A politic Party in Malta made up of cock suckers and gay ppl
Eddie is PN
by G0o April 27, 2003

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