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Pony Music Video. Similar to AMV (Anime Music Video) but using footage from the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Due to explosive popularity of the cartoon in some internet communities and the fact that most episodes are available on Youtube free of charge, many fan made videos were created, and the term PMV is sometimes used to denote these videos. Some of the more well known ones are synced with the audio from trailers for Starcraft 2, Inception and other popular media.
- Hey, check out this cool PMV I made.
- What? I didn't know you were a brony!
by grueislurking April 12, 2011
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A commonly used acronym for a Porn Music Video. Having it's roots deeply entrenched in Anime Music Videos(AMVs) this version differs in that you use videos of people with their roots deeply entrenched in other people instead.
Man this song would be awesome for a PMV.
by Dragonwars11 March 27, 2009
Commonly used by girls to express despair over their life.

PMV is a variation on FML but literally means:
'punch my vagina'

It is most successfully used after the phrase 'oh my jesus'
I just failed all my exams, oh my jesus, PMV!
by OhmyjesusPMV! January 17, 2011

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