A condition that women make up, as excuse for being a total bitch once a month
I've got PMS, don't upset me for 3 days.

fuck off, im going down the pub.
by Nick1401 January 23, 2008
The pain a woman suffers for not becoming pregnant when she should have
She. Gaud, I’m suffering again from PMS.
He. Ah, serves you right for not getting pregnant, not enough sex a fortnight ago.
by dave aaroon January 23, 2008
the time of once a month when you piss of the vagina not the women then just as the vagina is pissed off it alos in returns ittitates the women therefore makin her pissed off and wanting to rip you'r hed off
Men beware of the raging vagina A.K.A PMS
by NIKKILOS August 26, 2007
Psychiatric Mental Society
ya Im the president of PMS fuckers!!!
by Dolli August 09, 2007
Plastered Morning Syndrome
a very bad hang over
Branden: last night was awsome
Justyn: yea it was but i got P.M.S.
Branden: yea my head is killing me to very bad hangover
by Justyn Richard April 04, 2007
an acronym for Pissy Mood Syndrome.
Dude, Gabrielle is totally going through PMS. Stay away from her.
by Ryan C. June 02, 2005
Pissy Mood Syndrome
HE is PMSing
by ashley May 08, 2004
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