a short way to say palmetto middle school
so what school do u go 2?
#pms #palmetto #middle #school #jkghf
by becca8171 December 06, 2006
you dont wanna know.... lets say somethings are better left unsaid..

Pre mentrile syndrom aka MANS WORST FUCKING NIGHTMARE!
Its that time of the month again!!! Julia is pms-ing run for your fucking life before she rips your head off and feeds it to the dogs!
by Mark the pimp November 26, 2004
To take out the anger caused by mother nature on the ones who love you.
Laura Wong....if you're reading this I less than three you!
by Leon Phelps September 08, 2004
Pre-Menstrual Sushi: Un-cooked red snapper rolled in toliet paper, wrapped with a cotton string for easy serving-Best when eaten on a Summers eve.
That Japanese restaraunt had great egg-rolls- But the PMS (Pre-Menstrual Sushi) and Wasabe sauce had the perfect mix of flavor and texture. Can I get a doggy bag?
#jelly roll #pms #charmin pop #that #is #just #wrong-
by Buford December 22, 2005
Also known as Scystorm pissed off
Woah, Scy is PMSing again is he?
by Chris J Pisarczyk May 01, 2005
1 the very tense/pissy/ureasonable
attitude a girl gets either before
and/or during her period

2 an excuse for guys to ask a girl if
theyve really pissed her off
hab:*yells at josh for being a bitch*

josh:hannah r u PMSing???
by Homie BC December 16, 2003
A condition that women make up, as excuse for being a total bitch once a month
I've got PMS, don't upset me for 3 days.

fuck off, im going down the pub.
#pms #make up #pub #women #excuse
by Nick1401 January 23, 2008
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