Stands for pre-marital sex

2 people having sex before marriage
"Dude. Have sex with her."
"No, man. I'm against PMS."
by batmahn May 16, 2010
1) Women: Pre-menstral syndrome

2) Men: Pre-maturity syndrome

Both cases can cause extreme irritation to the opposite gender, and are often to blame for disagreements between a male and female.
1) Dude! It must be her time of month, she's got a severe case of PMS!

2) Susan: Just ignore him, Tanya. He's just got a case of male PMS.

Tanya: What's that?

Susan: Pre-maturity Syndrome :D
by zebra_cakes July 07, 2009
A triangle strong enough not to break even when you've seemed to hit rock bottom & mess up. A group of friends that will never leave your side & always love you no matter what.
No girl, I will love you always, were P M S.
by Mama Bragz June 28, 2009
Pink Muffin Soldiers. A gang of hard-core females whose first set started in the Chicagoland area but is also known on the West Coast. They run the blokk and represent where ever necessary. Pink Muffins ride under the 5 point star and are stone folk killas
Don't fuck w/ that girl, cos she down with PMS and her girls will come through and fukk you and your momma up
by Miss Rain Ladi May 28, 2009
Also called: Pre Masacre Syndrome

A time when it is legaly declared unsafe to be around a woman.

Common symtoms of this syndrome are random decapitations of men, extra homework, more chores, ear aches, head aches, loss of spines particularly in men, a loss of reproductive organs (also widely in men), and general HELL!
Innocent bystander 1: Wha..What is it?
Innocent bystandar 2: I don't know.

Woman infected with PMS roars and breathes fire

Bystandars are torched, and then run, with multipul explosions in the background.
by Uknowthename July 10, 2008

P = Punish

M = Men

S = Severly
She has PMS, so get the hell outta the way or die!!
by MySister April 08, 2008
Special time of the month that gives a woman strength of an ox, the stability of a one-legged stool, and the scream of a banshee. basically mans worst nightmare.
when shes pmsing you better stay away
by carol545 January 02, 2007

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