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The week or so of month where girls expirience horrible pain, crazy mood swings, blood streaming out of their vagina, and the desire to curl up in a ball and possibly never move again.

And the thing is guys are right, girls are crazy ass bitches when they are pmsing but they complain about girls using pms as an excuse to bitch and not give blow jobs or have sex. Hey how bout you try getting repeatedly getting kicked in the balls and gut while having a cotton stick shoved up your ass and act normal.

It's not that big of a deal if you give girls a little space when she's being bitchy and not complain bout getting no ass.
guy: babe wanna suck my dick
girl: I hope you drop dead
guy: jeez your a real bitch
girl: go away
guy: this sucks balls
girl: *pulls out a knife
guy: oh jeezus she's pmsing
by ieatbrains2400 April 04, 2012
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P.M.S is a abbreviation used during text-messaging and IM conversations meaning; Pretty Much the Same
Guy1- What are you doing?

Guy2- Not much, you?

Guy1- Oh well P.M.S., I've had a pretty uneventful day.

Guy2- Oh?! That's cool, I guess
by Freddy P. January 28, 2008
33 70
the biggest conspiracy ever
Bob: my girlfriend is PMSing, can i come over?
Ian: don't fall for that shit, she is just being a bitch. slap her across the face and tell her to knock it off.
by Ian Wetzel September 14, 2004
52 90
Something girls make up, to excuse their lack of self-control. A load of bull.

(And, yes, I'm a girl. I know what a period is, and it's nothing to irritate guys with. Jesus.)
Girl: God, I love you!
Guy: Love you, too, babe.
Girl: UGH, you're so insensitive!
Guy: ...
Girl: Sorry, it's stupid PMS.
Guy: Give me a break.
by NightOwlsAreBetter September 02, 2006
14 55
Private Masturbating Session for women.
Don't come in, im having a PMS!
by .[?]. June 22, 2005
26 70
(n)Time of the year where girls go chaotic
(v) Get pissed off
1.) Sally can't swim due to her PMS
2.) OMG ur PMSing Sally
by PW March 03, 2003
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(1.) The time of month when girls get all bitchy and can't make up their mind if they love you or not. They also blame everything on you!
(2.) The lamest excuse out there for bein a bitch.
(3.) The time of month where the woman also expects you to do anything for them, and anything you say to them WILL be offensive! They will also expect you to pick up THEIR messes.

Solution: STAY AWAY AND DO SOMETHING ELSE!! Either that or slap that woman across the face and tell her to grow up and quit acting like a child. Also tell them to act like a real human being !! knock some sense into them! :D
Note: Any Thumbs down I get on this definition is going to be all women, and everyone knows it!
by Steve March 16, 2005
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Another common misconception. PMS does NOT exist. There have like. Actually been studies.

A woman's hormones are not going crazy when she's on her period.
Girl: You're an idiot!
Boy: Lolz r u PMSin?
Girl: ...You're an idiot!
by More Awesome Than Thou December 02, 2005
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