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Pass Me the Shotgun
She is must be having pms stay out of her way today!!!
by TH June 03, 2003
1652 1051
the time when you should put a restraing order on your wife, move away, change your name, and come back when the army calls an all clear.

if your a kid build a bomb shelter with enough food to last you sevel days. and prepare for ww3.

if you have a g friend do all of the following buy her flowers every day and be her slave until it is clear then you might get laid.
your mom on her time of the mounth run for your life
by howard June 24, 2004
220 210
When your friend has major mood swings, from being excited and running around like a bumble bee, to sitting there with a grouchy look on her face saying she hates her life.
Me: Why don't we go do something today?
Her: SURE! Sounds great!
Her: Do i look okay?
Me: Of course! You look fine, lets go.
Her: No, i dont want to, i look ugly, my nose is huge, and i have zits everywhere.
Me: Really, you look fine, come on lets go.
Her: STOP BEING SO PUSHY! God just leave me alone!
Me: Just go take a Midol miss PMS, and lets go.
by mmhmyouknow. February 07, 2010
13 4
PMS = Pre Menstrual Syndrome
*A way to avoid PMS is to have PMS. Let me explain.

To Avoid Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) you should have Pre Marital Sex (PMS).

And by the way.... Men are right about PMS, I am a complete Psycho Bitch when I have PMS! And I think everyone around me when I'm PMSing suffers more than me! Duh, it's not that bad for me, thats why they make Midol! But I do have a correction, it's not just men us PMSing women get mad at, its any person or object that pisses us off for any reason.
My Shrink: Megan, what the fuck? your dad tells me you threw a computer out the window last week? Lets talk about it.

Me: Yeah. I was PMSing.

My Shrink:O. Nevermind then, that explains it all!!
by Blackthorn7861 June 25, 2007
34 25
Pass My Sweatpants
Pardon My Sobbing
Present Me Sweets
Paniced Men Screaming
Presently Missing Sarcasism
Pissing Me Seriously
Pre Menstral Syndrome
Pissy Man Syndrome
"Shit, she's PMSing."
by Magers April 29, 2009
17 9
Pissy Man Syndrome, a very common affliction in boyfriends and husbands.
Girl 1: My boyfriend totally had a bf (bitch fit) when i asked for ice cream at the movies.
Girl 2: He must have PMS
by Littlemissjune March 28, 2008
25 18
a time when you dont mess with a women in anyway. Seriously!!!! DONT. Or you will end up dead in a river with your penis cut off or shoved up your ass.
"Damn she must be PMSing." said billy boob
"What did you say bitch!?!?!" bloody mary
"I didn't say anything." said billy boob
"THATS WHAT I THOUGHT BITCH" said bloddy mary
by NERA February 28, 2008
23 16
Periodic Man Syndrome

The act of a person (usually female, more common mildly in men) to once a month become very angry at everything, resembling the stereotypical view of men.
-Dude, you're being a dick.-
-Oh... Sorry. Just some PMS.-
by JNg13 October 16, 2010
9 4