Pass Me the Shotgun
She is must be having pms stay out of her way today!!!
by TH June 03, 2003
PMS-premenstrual syndrome.
notice: if a girl really got that psycho, they'd call it "Psycho monster syndrome".
which they dont
ur all insensitives dicks anyway...
(pun intended)
Guy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Guy: i thought it was that time of the month again? Ur so.. happy?
Girl: what, do i have to be a bitch when i PMS?
by jessicajaded October 07, 2008
Post Masturbation Shame. The feeling of guilt or depression often experienced by males following a frantic masturbation session.
{Housemate Darren storms out of his bedroom past Mandy and Mark in the lounge room to have a smoke outside.}
Mandy: {to Mark} What's he (Darren) so grumpy about?
Mark: Must be that time of the day.
Mandy: Huh?
Mark: It's his PMS.
Mandy: {Laughs}
Mark: I don't think you understand.
by UrbanDave July 29, 2006
P=Puny M=Men S=Suffer
Dude, watch out! PMS!
by Just some guy July 28, 2003
Periods Must Suck
OH NO! We pissed her off while she is was in PMS! NOW SHE'S GOING TO TURN INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK!
by Junkyardjimbo88 April 28, 2003
Something men have all the time women once a month
every man i know has moodswings like they have pms
by lily02 March 31, 2009
When your friend has major mood swings, from being excited and running around like a bumble bee, to sitting there with a grouchy look on her face saying she hates her life.
Me: Why don't we go do something today?
Her: SURE! Sounds great!
Her: Do i look okay?
Me: Of course! You look fine, lets go.
Her: No, i dont want to, i look ugly, my nose is huge, and i have zits everywhere.
Me: Really, you look fine, come on lets go.
Her: STOP BEING SO PUSHY! God just leave me alone!
Me: Just go take a Midol miss PMS, and lets go.
by mmhmyouknow. February 07, 2010
The time before, and during a women's menstrual cycle.
It causes some women to become bloated, irritable,have severe cramps and mood swings. Most of the time eating chocolate helps. ^^'

Btw women are not BITCHY during this time of the month. Their hormones are raging in their bodies causing different emotions to occur. It is NOT a reason for men to run away screaming.
meh. pms sucks.
by killi August 21, 2008

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