Pass Me the Shotgun
She is must be having pms stay out of her way today!!!
by TH June 03, 2003
PREmenstrual syndrome. I'm surprised to see how dumb people are. This is NOT a period!! This is a time BEFORE a period when there are hormonal imbalances causing the symptoms that men hate. But woman can't help it so don't criticize them because you don't know what it's like.
Sometimes I feel stupid afterward when I overreact about things because of my bad PMS...
by iluvRHCP January 23, 2009
1. A time that is far more unpleasant for women than for men.

2. The reason the pill is such a blessing.
If you felt like this, you'd be grumpy too.

The pill = skippable periods = no PMS
by _plethora_ January 23, 2008
A condition where women, before their period, experience these symptoms:

A- Anxiety: irritable, crying without reason, verbally and sometimes physically abuse, feeling "out of control", or Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde behavior changes.

D- Depression: confused, clumsy, forgetful, withdrawn, fearful, paranoid, suicidal thoughts and rarely suicidal actions.

C- Cravings: food cravings, usually for sweets or chocolate; dairy products including cheese, and on occasion, alcohol or food in general.

H- Heaviness or Headache: Fluid retention leading to headache, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating and weight gain.

But not as many women as people believe have PMS. Sometimes people are just bitchy because things are happening in their lives. But with all those symptoms, it's hard not to feel crappy and mean, no?
PMS is no excuse to be a bitch. Suck it up.
by Angus the superduck June 10, 2005
2. Period Menstrual Cycle
3. Period Mood Swings

A bad time of the month for most women.

-a discharging of blood, secretions, and tissue debris from the uterus that recurs in nonpregnant human and other primate females of breeding age at approximately monthly intervals and that is considered to represent a readjustment of the uterus to the nonpregnant state following proliferative changes accompanying the preceding ovulation-
pms= jrfela;ntmelamr,e.a/mdsa
by maurin September 19, 2005
A phrase used by an asshat man as an argument-ending device to discredit a woman's entirely valid criticisms of him, especially to a public audience of other males.

The use of the phrase 'pre-menstrual' will be applied regardless of what point in her menstrual cycle she is, or if she even menstruates at all.

Any attempt to point this inaccuracy out will be shouted down with an exclamation of "Ew! TMI!"
Female Coworker: Harry, could you please not loudly discuss your sex tour to Amsterdam whilst I am on the phone to a client? It is rather unbusinesslike.
Male Asshat Coworker: Oooo... *to whole office* SALLY'S PMSing! Run for your lives!
by magnetron April 06, 2008
a curse on all women that kicks in every month. Guys act like women over-react, but they don't know the pain and suffering they go through! guys, be nice to your girlfriend (or wife) when she is on her period.
great, im pms'ing
by ghyutpk June 29, 2010
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. What women go through if they aren't pregnant. Women on PMS tend to be bitchy, and angry for no reason. If your friend is on it, RUN FOR YOU LIFE!
There isn't much I envy about gay guys, but at least their boyfriends don't have PMS.
by Militant Liberal April 16, 2005

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