Pass Me the Shotgun
She is must be having pms stay out of her way today!!!
by TH June 03, 2003
Pre-Menstrual Sushi: Un-cooked red snapper rolled in toliet paper, wrapped with a cotton string for easy serving-Best when eaten on a Summers eve.
That Japanese restaraunt had great egg-rolls- But the PMS (Pre-Menstrual Sushi) and Wasabe sauce had the perfect mix of flavor and texture. Can I get a doggy bag?
by Buford December 22, 2005
an acronym for Pissy Mood Syndrome.
Dude, Gabrielle is totally going through PMS. Stay away from her.
by Ryan C. June 02, 2005
acronym for pre-menstrual syndrome. characterized by extreme anger and aggressiveness.

many girls like to use this as an excuse to be an asshole. i mean, come on, i dont have to see used pads or tampons to know that a girl physically cannot menstruate most every day.
while i understand that girls could be feeling shitty about menstrual cramps, and i understand that pms is a real thing, i think only a fucked up whore uses pms as an excuse for bitching.
by unusu-al May 16, 2004
Pissy Mood Syndrome
HE is PMSing
by ashley May 08, 2004
Mad Cow Disease.
The cows died of PMS.
by KS May 28, 2003
An Abbreviation for Potted Meat Sandwitch
Alex: Hey Kelton want a bite of my P.M.S.
Kelton: wtf are you talking about choad?!
Alex: No my Potted Meat Sandwitch.
Kelton: Yeah i'll try a bite
by ill jake August 13, 2007
Permanent menstrual syndrome
My girl is such a bitch, she suffers from PMS.
by Juana Phuck February 02, 2006

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