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Acronym: Proto Matrix Rail
A very high-end Paintball Marker!
Busta : Yo i just got an SLG!
Chuy : Yea, well i got an PMR!
Busta : DAMN!!
by Strong Chuy July 24, 2009
teh best there is, teh best there was, and teh best there ever will be.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
Pink Megaman Recolor

OMFG! he is leik th colest persn evar! go two nd vot fr him on twc! nd red te comiks.

Pmr said : watz a dildo?
by July 29, 2003
Pink Megaman Recolor
Teh bst spriter evar :> read hiz comikz plz.
lol PMR iz kool
by GundamMasta July 29, 2003
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