Pre- Match Pony:

Basically turning one out/ having a shit before doing something like, playing football/ going down the gym/ anything really.
Hey John, I'm just gunna have a quick 'PMP' (pre-match pony) before we kick off.
by winny19 January 04, 2012
Top Definition
PMP "Permanent Man's Period" - Unlike women who have a monthly cycle, Contrary to popular belief there are some men who get a permanent period similar to women which leads to constant non-stop complaining, nagging & bitchiness!
Wow, what is his issue? He won't stop complaining & nagging at me? He has PMP!
by Can't GetRight May 31, 2010
-noun- A "PMP" is a Personal Media Player. These devices tend to have at least a 5" screen and some have up to a 12" screen. They play music, movies, games, some have wifi capabilities and they also do PDA functions and run operating systems. They are usually seen in the laps of hypernerds on trains, planes and in the back seat of Mom's SUV.
"Bobby whipped out his PMP on the plane and watched "Soul Plane" to pass the time."

"With my PMP, I can listen to music, check my email and play tetris at the same time...bitches!"
by John A. Facade May 14, 2007
pmp: Peed my pants

more than "lol"
How do you punish Helen Keller?
..Give her a basketball and tel her to read it.

by B.Mathers May 08, 2009
Poop My Pants.
Synonym to Laugh Out Loud (LOL)
Comedian: "So, ah, Jesus, Mohammad and The Elephant-Headed Hindu God of Good Fortune, Ganesh, all walk into a Hooters..."


You: "PMP!"
by goldenexclamationpoint December 29, 2010
pee my pant
"something that was funny"
response: pmp
by ccoooooolllll April 26, 2011
Action-Meanining to add(pack) some Meth/Scante in a pokie(bowl). The glass tool used for smoking the Meth/Scante..
K'Doll---Hey asshole you smoked all the scante in the pokie!!
Wino--And what do you want me to do about it?

K' Doll--- PMP (pack my pokie)!!!
by Mr. Wino 1503 August 06, 2012
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