rachels word for pisses me off
OMG!! Rachel is PMO SOOOO much right now!!
by Rachels lover December 19, 2005
An acronym for "Piss Me Off".

Created by the Bay$a Bea$ts. Lol.
"This girl was boutta enter my house to eat MY food. Shii, she wah boutta get her ass beat! PMO"
by Baysa November 07, 2011
Pack me one (in reference to marijuana)
"yo man, i see you just got a fat sack, P.M.O.!!!"
by Leroy Higgins & Lenny Ducano January 15, 2008
Acronym for Pissing Me Off
Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao are SCARED to fight Floyd Mayweather! PMO!
by DJARZON January 10, 2012
making out agressivly
i was PMO-ing this chick all night at the bar

last night i PMO-ed
by Taylor tha Gentleman December 09, 2009
prime menister office pmo
prime menister office is at the top pmo
by nazi hans October 30, 2006
Pmo. Pissing Me Off, Person who says "okay" a lot. Person who goes to the beach and cries.
" Quit being a Pmo and stop crying already. "
by envyonthecoast1 February 28, 2009
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