Pmo. Pissing Me Off, Person who says "okay" a lot. Person who goes to the beach and cries.
" Quit being a Pmo and stop crying already. "
by envyonthecoast1 February 28, 2009
Top Definition
Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
Him: Man, I gave up PMO for a week.
Me: Sucks for you!
by Jillin Off May 11, 2011
Acronym for the phrase "piss me off".
pmo bitch.

You`re fucking pmoing me.
by s1nx3 June 11, 2005
Pissed Me Off
"You are starting to PMO!"
by thescoot July 26, 2009
Put me on
Yoooo you got to pmo asap
by Nana2111 September 10, 2015
put me on

girl: im so upset
boy: pmo because i'm nosey
by DrunkenMate December 16, 2015
An acronym for "piss me off"
pmo during pms I'll cut you up
by turnipforwhat November 26, 2015
Short term for

"Piss me off"

Basically, when something slightly irritates you want somewhat exaggerate.
My god! The professor gave us 20 pages of homework. That totally ruined my weekend. PMO.


That neckbeard in front of us isn't wearing any deodorant. That "PMO."
by percyclevland March 25, 2014

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