(i) Prime Minister
(ii) Private Message
(iii) Personal Message
(iv) Post Meridiem

(i) is usually used iRL;
(ii) is usually used on forums or chatrooms (eg. iRC)
(iii) is uncommon but still used by some people.
(iv) used commonly for time.

See also: PrivMSG

Other non-Urban definitions: (used iRL)
* particulate matter
* past master
* police magistrate
* postmaster
* postmistress
* postmortem
* prime minister
* provost marshal
* etc...
(i) Example:
"Oh my god, the new PM sucks, I shouldn't have voted for him!"

(ii) Example:
<Shinosuke> Check your PM. I dont want everyone to know.
<Person1> Ok... ... wait...
<Person1> ...
<Person1> HAHAHAHHA~~ hey everyone! Look at this!!
<Person1> <Shinosuke> user: Shinosuke
<Person1> <Shinosuke> pass: iRn00b
<Person1> HAHAHAHHAA~~ What a lamer!
<Shinosuke> . . .
* Quits: Shinosuke ( (Reason: Too lame.)

(iii) Example:
"I got a PM (Personal message) from my boss today!"

(iv) Example:
"It's now 14:23, 02:23pm"
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
Top Definition
on various message boards you can PM or "Private Message" someone
by Dinoras August 09, 2003
Private Message
angelhunnibunnz6969696 says: Hey baby, PM me!
by Ette July 11, 2003
1. premenstrual syndrome-PMS A varied group of physical and psychological symptoms, including abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, headache, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and depression, that occur from 2 to 7 days before the onset of menstruation and cease shortly after menses begins.
2. a school in canada (Pitt Meadow School..seriously it does REALLY exist!)
3. a natural situation when a girl have their period and they become bitchy and become sharp (same as #1 but alittle different)
"o man...she is PMS-ing 24/7!!!!!"
"i can't stop PMS-ing!!Ahhhh~"
"i go to P.M.S"
"go P.M.S! you guys are so gonna win this basketball game!"
by cant_be_perfect October 09, 2003
1. a personal or private message

2. to send someone a personal or private message on a message board, forum or chat room
If I get another PM about that topic I will flip out.
#computers #internet slang #p.m. #p m #pmfi #pmfji
by The Return of Light Joker January 24, 2008
PM, Pm, pm or p.m. can refer to: Time. Post meridiem (also written P.M., p.m., and pm), "after noon" in the 12-hour clock, in contrast to ante meridiem (a.m., "before noon")
"What time are you going to pick her up?"

"I will be there at 3 P.M."
#pm #p.m. #pm. #p.m #p #m
by rock dave September 02, 2008
A ruthless gang who patrol the South of England jumping various other, more minor gangs. It is believed that the PM originally consisted of only five founding members, and have grown to be feared ever since.
I don't think we should go out tonight George, I've heard the PM are in the area.
#violence #drugs #alcohol #patrolling #hookers
by PaulSmithGX50 October 23, 2011
pissed at men syndrome
Girl 1- god what did thoes guys do to her?
girl 2- i dont know but it must have been pretty bad to make her p.m.s like that!
#p.m.s #syndrome #pissed #men #thoes #dont
by pollyspolly October 08, 2011
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