Parking Lot Trash.

To make sexual romance in a parking lot with a whore girl.
You bang PLT's in the parking lot they don't deserve to see a bed or your house.
by Victor Braga November 10, 2006
Top Definition
Shortened military term for platoon
Letter from Leiutenant Deakan to all members of 3rd PLT:

(letter contents goes here)
by MarineJulio April 06, 2005
Pond Life Terriers
Savage crew from the mean streets of south Warrington.
Made up of a bear, toad, mackerel, miglet, horse, mongoose, camel
Ol camp coley had a house but the pond was there..

What happened to the gaff?
The P.L.T perished it
by mickeybubble July 17, 2011
Penis loving tramp
She is such a PLT, she will have sex with anyone.
by Pre$hious January 15, 2014
Stands for "Pretty Lucky That." Often used in text messages.
Texter 1 - PLT no 1 saw dat! :O
Texter 2 - Wud u do?
Texter 1 - Fell flat on my face! lol
by ScrabbleDiva October 18, 2010
Pussy Licking Tongue
"I heard my main man Jack has that crucial herpes around his lips."

"Yeah, probably because he has that damn PLT"
by CeleryStick April 03, 2008
This word has 2 definitions:

1.) Pussy Lickin' Tongue

2.)Penis, Lettuce, and Tomatoes
Masha - Ooh gurl, did you see Sean?
Sasha - Gurrrlll his tongue was so long!!
Masha - I know, he gots a PLT!
Sasha - I wanna PLT sandwich right about now!
by Jocelyn Wildenstein July 20, 2009
stands for pre luch tension

common in fat kids, just before lunch, ppl get very angry, often playing with their moobs and sometimes tickling their own love handles.
"hey fatty, why are you fondling ur man boobs?"

"ive got PLT, im so fuckin hungry!"
by callum bludd, September 29, 2007
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