A sexual act that is performed by a male that is short in stature and extremely fit where he uses his freakishly small hands to simultaneously grip the penis and scrotum while using his pinky to massage the anus. Can be performed on a partner or on oneself.
I never would have thought small hands were the key to a good PJ.

I got a killer PJ last week from a dude that looked like The guy from honey I shrunk the kids.
by White Doug June 11, 2016
Poor joke (aka) Pathetic joke. Usually used as PJs denoting its plural form.
Please stop all of your PJs!
by Urban_girl October 06, 2010
An abbreviation for Personal Joke, referring to a joke which is usually only understood or funny to the selected few who know about the circumstances of how the joke originated.
Ali: I don't get whats so funny?
May: That's cos it's a PJ
by k846 March 06, 2007
Casual fun guy , tells white lies every once in a while.
Anti-Savage , thinks he's hot shiiiiit but is really not.
Always assumes he's being hated on
Typically uses Instagram for A source of entertaining
May be seen from time to time with a gorgeous skinny girl whos name starts with a M.
On the verge of becoming an alcoholic
I seen P.J. Slumped last night at the beer pong tournament .
by UrbanNameGenerator September 11, 2014
nickname, (shortened) for a longer boys name.

for example, Peter James.

a complete whore, uses girls and smokes weed.
he's such a pj !
by fatkid900 July 27, 2009
nickname usually will never reveal their real name but awsome anyway and procrastinate by going on urban dictionary
hey pj
wtf is your real name!!!!!!!!!!!!
by tolazytothinkofaname May 19, 2009
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