short for Plain Jane!
That girl was nice but she was such a PJ. boring.

They know that we know they are just PJ's. hahahahaha.
by gentry October 23, 2006
Short for palm job. Use the palm over the clitoris, and the middle and ring finger in the vagina. Then go up and down (not in and out.) You need to lubricate for this.
her: ever had a pj?
friend: no what is it?
her: its what my boyfriend does to make me squirt. i love it!!
by hateporn September 11, 2013
Geez guys, go to a frat party. PJ is the alcoholic beverage that frats often serve to hundreds of people, usually made up of everclear mixed with koolaid or other cheap drink mixes and water. They usually make the pledges serve it out of huge plastic trash cans lined with black trash bags. You never really know just how much alochol is in it, so drink up but know that PJ can be tricky.
They are all out of beer? I guess I'll have to get another cup of PJ.
by angelagrace November 06, 2005
Abbreviation of palm job. Something done when the woman needs an orgasm.
I don't know how to give a PJ... But I heard silver has a video out of her doing it at mike's house.

When a boy makes a woman happy by rubbing her the right way.
1.He gave one hella PJ after dinner.
by Maxinside February 09, 2014
A man who is sweet and caring. He knows how to make you laugh and smile. Really adorable, and a great kisser. Musically inclined, has amazing blue/green eyes that you can stare into for hours, and get lost. Tall and thin. Likes to excercise, and have fun. Really cute and hot.

Adjectives: Perfect, Smart, Sweet, Cute, Funny, Sincere, Love-able, Caring, Athletic, Kind, Compassionate, Understanding, Courageous, Strong, Sweet, Unique, Tall, Adorable, Random, and Amazing.
Pj, I love you.

You're so perfect, Pj.
by xAllYSAURx January 29, 2011
Casual fun-loving guy who can always crack a smile on a girl with his boyish good looks and charisma. Intelligence and a charming smile are also characteristic.
P.J. came through with his strong work ethic and dedication to all he comes in contact with.
by P.J. February 29, 2004
An abbreviation for Personal Joke, referring to a joke which is usually only understood or funny to the selected few who know about the circumstances of how the joke originated.
Ali: I don't get whats so funny?
May: That's cos it's a PJ
by k846 March 06, 2007
nickname usually will never reveal their real name but awsome anyway and procrastinate by going on urban dictionary
hey pj
wtf is your real name!!!!!!!!!!!!
by tolazytothinkofaname May 19, 2009

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